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Our mission is to teach you the necessary skills to survive and thrive in a hostile regulatory environment. The more you threaten excessive pharmaceutical company profits, the more at risk your business becomes.

Coaching your clients is a process of empowering them to make their own decisions about their own life, health and happiness. Doing this does not make you a life coach but it does teach you some basic coaching skills you can use to enhance your profession.

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We Recommend These Free Courses:

We recommend these free courses offered by Natural Therapies Coach Workshops Network to prepare you for our highly recommended coaching workshop. These courses are accredited by all major certification boards.

Anatomy and Physiology is a free self-paced correspondence course for alternative, complementary, holistic, integrative and natural health, wellness, nutrition and therapies professionals.

Free Coach Tools is a free self-paced correspondence course to prepare you for our acclaimed Basic Coaching Skills Workshop.

We Recommend These Outstanding Courses:

Professional Practices is a self-paced correspondence course that teaches you how to thrive and survive in the current hostile regulatory (drug company controlled) environment in which we work. This course -- required by most certification boards -- counts 10 CEU toward certification and recertification.

Professional Ethics is a course designed to help you function legally, professionally and ethically as a natural therapies professional. This course -- required by most certification boards -- counts 10 CEU toward certification and recertification.

Creating Informed Consent Forms is a great correspondence course designed for you to personalize your Informed Consent Form to give you maximum protection. Instructors are available for one-on-one consultations. This course -- required by most certification boards -- counts 20 CEU toward certification and recertification.

These three correspondence courses are regularly priced at $150.00 each or $450.00 for all three. You can currently purchase lifetime access to all three courses for a total fee of $195.00 for a limited time.

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Workshops We Offer

Basic Coaching Skills Workshop - This workshop is designed to help you talk the talk of a professional without practicing anything without a license. By following the guidelines, you will be able to describe what you are certified to accomplish for your client by using language that does not imply diagnosing, treating, curing or attempting to cure any medical, emotional, mental, psychological or physical condition, disease or disorder of any kind. This is a 75 CEUworkshop

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